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Sunki Mountain Running Camp

Posted by sunkicamp on February 7, 2011

Tim Waggoner “Coach Lucho” and I have been building this idea for months and decided that NOW is the time.  We both know what’s involved in endurance events and take it seriously.  We’re not saying you won’t have great fun (you will) but we, and you, will put in serious work to get you ready for your big event and make you a better, more prepared athlete.  We both like the idea of all-inclusive camps, so the participants can focus 100% on the training content, so we’re including everything right down to transporting the folks to the camp (you just have to get yourself to Boulder).  Please email us with questions and/or to solidify your spot.  We’re limiting the camp to around 8 people.

See the “Leadville May 25th-29th” page for more details, including cost!


TO REGISTER, email: tim AT footfeathers DOT com

Ultrarunner Elites, Liza Howard and Duncan Callahan to attend Sunki Camp


Liza Howard gets some running tips from son, Asa.

Duncan Callahan, two time Leadville 100 champion

Sunki Mountain Running Camp, is proud to announce that Duncan Callahan and Liza Howard will be speaking at our camp and taking advantage of the training runs WITH us.  Talk about someone who knows the course!!

Tim Waggoner:  jogdaddy AT
Tim Long:  tim AT

The Sunki Mountain Running Camp (Sunki is Hopi Indian for “to catch up with”) is focused with the higher elevation ultras, specifically 100 milers in mind but what is gained transfers to and benefits any endurance activity.  The first camp will be held in Leadville Colorado and includes the following:

What we offer:
Organized trail runs each day with provisions/aid, ranging between 15-25 miles each day.
Run every part of the Leadville 100, including the elusive Hope Pass

Classroom presentations:

-building a solid endurance foundation
-gait, ascending (when to fast hike, when to run)
-gait, descending (preserving quads while gaining speed)
-nutrition/fueling and balancing hydration/electrolytes
-how to recover quickly (nutrition, ice, rest)
-meeting the goals of your next race (breakout with individual consults focusing on your specific event)
-video analysis of all aspects of your running technique

-Camp runs Wednesday, May 25th 4pm through Sunday, May 29th 1pm

-Sleeping accommodations included

-Homemade breakfasts and dinners included

-Lucho’s fancy performance tests to determine strength and endurance and where development is needed

-presentation and Q and A with a special guests, 2010 Leadville 100 champions, Liza Howard and Duncan Callahan!

-A special memento upon completion of camp, likely something to do with pottery and/or metal

-Ability to try various products on the market (gels, drinks, compression clothes, packs, waistbelts, hand held bottles, etc)

-A training plan for the month following your camp time with us


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