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Leadville May 25th-29th

Twin Lakes

  • Run over 80 miles in 5 days
  • Fully supported with shuttle vehicle
  • Point to point runs on the dynamic Leadville 100 course
  • Video analysis
  • Class presentations to be practiced on our runs include:
  • Nutrition/fueling/hydration
  • Core strengthening
  • Race planning
  • Crew, drop bag, pacing
  • Adapting to and overcoming obstacles
  • Aid station time savers
  • Heart rate monitor use
  • Race morning prep and practice
  • Your questions covered!
  • Special guest presentation and Q and A:  2010 Leadville 100 Champions, Liza Howard and Duncan Callahan
  • Two time World IRONMAN Champion, Tim DeBoom joins us on the trail
  • All inclusive (participants just need to find a way to Boulder, CO)
  • Be ready for your next big event while staying in “the highest town in the United States”


TO REGISTER, email: tim AT footfeathers DOT com

  1. Cost for camp is $999, which includes everything.  You just have to get yourself to either Boulder (by May 25th at 2pm) or Leadville (by May 25th at 5pm)
  2. There will be a support vehicle and crew for every run.  If, for any reason, you need to stop and/or cut the run short, there will be a warm vehicle waiting for you.  BUT you’re there for a reason – you’re serious about your goals and are there to train and learn, so we don’t expect any slacking from participants, though the option IS there just in case.
  3. The camp also includes a general training guideline and direction leading up to the camp date.  You’ll be ready and prepared to gain as much as possible from the experience.  Basically, we anticipate you could handle 13 miles up to a long run of 6 hours, which we can guide you to prepare for.
  4. You don’t have to be a craggy, old ultrarunning veteran to participate.  On the contrary, this is to get the aspiring ultrarunner ready for his/her first 50 or 100 miler, as well as refining the veterans to excel and improve in their future performances.

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